Why We Offer The Best Child Care, Adelaide

We provide reliable child care, Adelaide. Even though there are many providers of child care Adelaide, we distinguish ourselves in many ways. This is why we are about the best at what we do. First of all, we are more experienced than other providers of child care Adelaide. Some of the reasons you should consider us have been outlined right below


We have been offering this service in Adelaide for several years. We can tell you that we understand babies and toddlers much more than you can imagine. Our wealth of experience has also made us know the kind of medical conditions that babies are prone to at every stage of their lives.

Great teacher to kid ratio

To make each child receive maximum attention, we have kept our teacher to child ratio very low. No teacher takes care of more than four kids. This is why all the children in our care receive as much attention as they require

Medical facilities

Everyone falls ill. Sickness is a part of our lives and babies are not exempted to this. So, we offer more than just first aid. We have medical facilities and full-time medical personnel around just in case a child suddenly takes ill.

Open door policy

We practice an open door policy that allows any parent to pay us an impromptu visit to check on us and how we take care of children in our care. This is because we are sure that we follow the highest child care standards at all times


We only employ experienced and highly professional teachers. All the children left in our care usually see our school as their playground. They actually learn with fun. All of them are always eager to come around every morning. We have had several situations where parents tell us that their kids asked to be brought over at the weekend. If you are thinking of getting a child care service in Adelaide, look no further. You are already in the right place. Just give us a trial.